SUNGCO is a social enterprise and a reliable companion and partner to create added value for heritage and achieve sustainable benefits for communities. Our core values are putting indigenous people in the centre and promoting community assets and strengths based on the rule “Community knows, community discusses, community does, community manages.” All decisions are rooted in consensus agreement among stakeholders, especially local people, government, businesses, and scientists. 



SUNGCO’s operation is based on a mission to create a community ecosystem network model by a harmonious combination between two key factors: preservation and development; activating social business (Community cooperatives) in Viet Nam on the basis of building community tourism as the prime motivation to connect, cooperate and develop multiple fields.


Address: Residential Area No. 1, Long Thanh 2 Hamlet, Pho Thanh Commune, Duc Pho District, Quang Ngai Province.


Tel: 025 562 88111


Minimizing solid household waste in Go Co village

In 2019, the People’s Committee of Pho Thanh ward in Quang Ngai Province coordinated with the Go Co Community Cooperative to initiate the project “Minimizing solid household waste in Go Co village.” The Cooperative’s leaders have since then conducted waste auditing and provided villagers with bins and guidance for waste segregation. As a result, almost all households are now sorting their waste, and going forward the Cooperative will expand its efforts to encompass neighboring villages, all within the Quang Ngai UNESCO geopark, and will undertake residual waste reduction measures.