Waste and Brand Audit 2018-2020

Vietnam, and much of the world, is dealing with a waste crisis. Landfills are overflowing, plastics are pervasive in the environment, and false waste treatment solutions are contributing to more pollution rather than addressing the root of the problem. 
In 2018-2020, the Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance conducted a series of waste audits to generate significant data, particularly in eight coastal areas: Ha Long, Cat Ba, Nam Dinh, Da Nang, Sa Huynh, Cu Lao Cham, Hoi An, and Phu Yen. In all, 16,730 kg of waste were sorted through, including almost 55,000 branded pieces of plastic.
In the publication, “Vietnam Waste Assessment and Brand Audit Report 2018-2020: Highlights and Recommendations for Initiating Zero Waste in Vietnam,” the Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance calls for drastic waste reduction measures and immediate transition to a reuse-refill economy.


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