About us

Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance (VZWA) was established in 2017 with the support of Pacific Environment (PE). We are a grassroots alliance of concerned organizations and citizens that share the goal of applying zero waste practices to better manage solid waste, reduce plastics, save natural resources, and protect the environment of Vietnam.

Zero Waste Hierachy


VZWA becoming a national, multi-stakeholder platform to enable participation, cooperation, and champions for Zero Waste;

By 2030, Zero Waste will be applied in Vietnam


VZWA brings together individuals and organizations to move local communities toward adopting zero waste by sharing best practices and adapting them for the Vietnamese context.

Zero Waste approaches

Zero waste practices known as the “R’s,” include Redesigning (business models, goods, and packaging); Refusing (to use non-essential items); Reducing (waste); Reusing; Recycling; Recovering; Rotting (i.e., composting) and Residuals management.


05 focal strategies are:
    1. Build models of Zero waste practice through sharing methods and experiences; cooperate in the development and implementation of joint initiatives suitable to the Vietnamese context;
    2. Facilitate cooperation and collaboration within the Zero Waste Ecosystem;
    3. Promote effective implementation and improvement of policies at both national and local levels related to solid waste segregation at source, single-use plastics restriction, extended producer responsibility, and circular economy;
    4. Strengthen the capacity of members and expand the network;
    5. Develop and effectively implement joint communication activities
      between VZWA and its members.


Want to make a difference? VZWA welcomes volunteers. The only qualification required is your commitment to the environment and to our communities!